About Dream BIG Think Small

Our Commitment:

Relationships are important. From the first point of contact, you are family. We share our industry expertise and tailor each transaction to fit you. You will always be more than “just a client” to us.

Expertise Far Beyond Average:

While certainly able to conduct any residential real estate transaction in the State of Texas, our success is proven with:

  • Divorce Situation – Consulting, Selling/Buying
  • Historic Properties – Selling/Buying
  • Military PCS Moves – Consulting, Selling/Buying
  • First-time- Selling/Buying
  • New Home Construction – Consulting/Negotiating Advocate/Buying

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is borne of an era where the value of your family name is based upon your character and keeping your word. Where success isn’t measured by your income so much as it is about how well you apply your craft. Where the satisfaction gained from a job well done is what helps you to sleep at night and the expressed appreciation from your customers and clients is more valuable than any self-promotion you could ever possibly buy.

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